Neck|Back|Arm|Leg Pain

Severe Neck, Back & Leg Pain w/ Memory Loss

Charles plays Semi-pro basketball and was in severe neck, back and bilateral leg pain.

He was beginning to have problems with his short term memory as well as his coordination had began to suffer from the long term pain.

After receiving brain based therapy from Dr. Walter K. Crooks, a Chiropractic Clinical Neurologist in the Houston Texas area, Charles’ pains were gone, his memory was better than ever and his playing ability had gotten so good that he was being scouted by NBA teams.

Failed Back Surgery Severe Pain almost 50% better in one session!

After being diagnosed with Failed Back Surgery after having lower back surgery that made her worse about 3 years prior, with only one treatment by Dr. Walter K. Crooks she feels better than even before her injury.

“Neck-Back-Headaches-Dizziness stopped me from working”

Richard was unable to work, being told by medical doctors that he would have to go on disability due to his chronic pain, headaches and dizziness. After being treated by Dr. Walter K. Crooks he is now better than ever and able to work once again.

Severe Neck & Back Pain From Herniated Discs

Larry was injured in an auto accident causing severe spinal injuries that plagued him with severe daily pain in his neck, back and down both legs and arms. He had herniated discs of the neck and low back along with radiating pain down both arms at times and bilateral sciatica.

Pain Caused By Herniated Discs Was Ruining His Life

After being referred to Dr. Walter K. Crooks, a Chiropractic Clinical Neurologist, he now has almost no pain, and his medical doctors have suspended his spinal surgery indefinitely due to his seemingly miraculous recovery with Dr. Walter K. Crooks’ Brain Based Therapy for Herniated Discs.

Herniated Discs No Longer Crippling Him