High Blood Pressure and Hypertension Testimonials

High Blood Pressure Was Out Of Control!

Richard’s blood pressure averaged around 178/99 to 182/101(Which is crazy high! Perfect blood pressure is 115/75) which would cause him to have dizzy and vertigo episodes.

Houston area Doctor Walter K. Crooks’  functional patient centered approach to healthcare was just what the doctor ordered for Richard’s chronically high blood pressure.

Say Goodby To High Blood Pressure and Hypertension!

Whenever he was finished with his natural care program of 2 months, Richard’s hypertension was only a memory. The functional neurology treatment he received from Dr. Walter K. Crooks improved the function of those areas within his nervous system that are responsible for the regulation of things such as blood pressure by rewiring/reconnecting those pathways so that they may function the way in which God had intended, all without any medication or surgeries…

Now Richard’s Blood Pressure Averages 118/78!!!!


Life-Changing Care With REAL & LASTING Results!

Was on 3 different High Blood Pressure Medicines for over 25 years

Hypertension Medicine is No Longer Needed Thanks To Dr. Walter K. Crooks

Hypertension medication since age of 30

Manuel Suffered With Hypertension For Over 25 Years.

He had been taking 3 different medications for his high blood pressure, however it continued to be high. (Averaging 195/105 but even higher at times!)


Treatment utilizing all natural protocols, which were directed by Houston doctor Walter K. Crooks, had a most amazing result…His primary care medical doctor was dumb-struck at what had happened with Manuel’s blood pressure, it was now within normal range, averaging, without medications, 120/75! The doctor had no choice except to take Manuel off of all his high blood pressure medication due to the fact that he no longer has High Blood Pressure!

After being on high blood pressure lowering medication for well over 25 years it only took Dr. Walter K. Crooks a few months, using the appropriate neurological treatment for Manuel to now be OFF of all THREE of his Hypertension Medications!


Severe High Blood Pressure Cured

“I was amazed at what Dr. Crooks could do, it works, it really works”

-Esperanza talking about her sciatica and hypertension

Esperanza reveals how the Functional Neurology treatment by Dr. Walter K. Crooks has really amazed her and made a significant change in her life. What once was uncontrollable high blood pressure is now a stable and NORMAL pressure without the use of medication or supplements.