Successful Treatment For Chronic Poor Health Conditions

Successful Treatment That Gets Real and Lasting Results

That’s the simple truth, we get real and lasting results through our successful treatment program for Chronic Health Conditions…


If you are visiting this site we can just about guarantee one thing…you or someone you care about is fed up with his or her poor health due to his or her chronic health conditions!

Hello, my name is Dr. Walter K. Crooks and I want you to know right from the start that we do things differently here at Life-Changing Care of Texas.

Unlike the vast majority of health-care providers that treat the conditions such as those listed at the bottom of this page, we don’t take a cookie cutter approach whenever it comes to helping those that suffer due to poor health.

The strikingly biggest difference between our successful treatment program and many of the other programs is in our treatment philosophy:

We Treat The Person, Not Their Diagnosis!

Why would I say that?

Well, a diagnosis is just a label, a set of words. It’s what the health care system uses to classify disease and put us in neat little boxes that fit the criteria set forth in textbooks. In our clinic we don’t look at a person as if they must fit into some preordained textbook definition.

In order for us to offer a successful treatment program we can’t rely on some label, instead, we know that you are an individual, a HUMAN BEING!

Now don’t get me wrong, a diagnosis can be useful. If you came to me and said “I have Restless Leg Syndrome,” or “My child has ADHD” we may have a good place to start but everyday people are MISDIAGNOSED and given either false hope or needless worry!

With the type of chronic disease conditions that we deal with in our clinic a diagnosis won’t give the most important answers of all….

  1. What is the CAUSE of your poor health?
  2. Yes, your child may have ADHD, but WHY does he have it?

Without knowing these all-important factors how could we ever begin to think that we may be able to offer some type of successful treatment relief, not to mention a cure for these debilitating and chronic health conditions.

For successful treatment to occur there can be no cookie cutter protocols for these types of health conditions, again we are dealing with flesh and blood humans, not cold and unfeeling textbooks!

How do we achieve the exciting successful treatment results that we do?

We begin by asking these questions about your chronic health conditions

  1. What is the mechanism?
  2. Why is this happening?

To answer these questions, Dr. Walter K. Crooks uses:

  • Functional Neurology
  • Endocrinology
  • Immunology
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

These cutting-edge sciences examine your body’s “systems” from a completely different perspective.

For successful treatment to occur we want to find how your nervous system is functioning, if it is running optimally and if not we want to improve its function so that is may become efficient.

We want to know how your Immune system is functioning.

How your GI system is functioning.

How your Endocrine system is functioning.

How your Nervous system is working and if these could all be part of your chronic health conditions.

We want to find the mechanism behind your problem. To do that we have to look at EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE.

We look at brain function through our non-invasive Functional Brain Assessment. These examinations tell us how well different areas of the brain are functioning and their interactions with one another. We ask the right questions and piece together the puzzle for you. We do all this to make sure we’re getting the best and most complete picture of you.

Sample of the tests we may utilize to find the root cause of your problem:

  • Expanded Blood Chemistry Profiles
  • Adrenal Stress Index
  • MTHFR Genetic Test
  • Immune Panel Testing
  • Food Protein Reaction Testing
  • Intestinal Microbial and Parasite Testing

On average, my patients have seen approximately 30-35 different doctors before ever coming to me! (without successful treatment for their conditions)

For the most part, all of these “specialists” look at only the one system in which they are trained. A Cardiologist looks only at the heart and its vessels, a orthopedic wrist specialist only the wrist, a dermatologist the skin and a psychiatrist/psychologist only your mental health.

That approach has failed for a great many! No one asks you which was first, the Chronic Fatigue or did you have Restless Leg Syndrome before that, or even earlier did you notice that things you used to like to eat began to turn you off….

You see, we usually have things in our health history that predate the major problem we have now, but those things weren’t addressed because no-one ever even looked at you and your condition to say: “Hey maybe there is a pattern here, maybe this chronic health condition is a symptom of an even bigger more insidious problem that needs to be addressed and corrected!”

In order to give you the best chance at a successful treatment program for your health we have to take a step back and view the BIG PICTURE. Look atthe person as a whole not just the parts that make up that wonderful and complex being.


That is the motto I run my practice by. Somewhere looking at the big picture has has been lost, the forest cannot be appreciated because we can’t stop looking at the trees!

To get the great results from our successful treatment program that we do, we must be really good detectives, combing through all that makes up the person, trying to find the longitudinal level of the lesion, that is to say, where exactly is the problem’s root cause? That means doing the necessary tests whether or not any out-of-touch and self-interested insurance company thinks they’re “medically necessary” or not.

Are you suffering from some CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS or maybe no one even knows what’s wrong with you and worse yet accuse you of MAKING IT ALL UP that it is just psychosomatic!

Have you tried various medicines and seen numerous and varied healthcare providers (chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, medical)?

Have you gone through treatment after treatment just to be let down again and again, made to feel like a burden and told to get on with your life, learn to LIVE WITH IT!

You Are Not Alone!

Thousands of people just like you have suffered, felt hopeless and alone because of poor management of their health condition by those that call themselves “specialists”

Take a look and see the results of some of the many patients that have gone through my successful treatment program at Life-Changing Care of Texas.

An excitingly new way to look at the whole person and determine at what level in the system the problem is located!

Get Successful Treatment For Your Health Condition

So ask yourself the following questions honestly.

Consider writing down your answers.

You could be at the beginning of a new and exciting path to a wonderful, fulfilling, healthy, pain free new life…

  1. How much has my health condition affected my job, relationship, finances, family and activities?
  2. What has it cost me in time, money, happiness and freedom?
  3. Where do I picture myself in 1-3 years if this problem isn’t taken care of?
  4. Where do I place this as a priority in my life to be able to live my life without this problem being a burden?

Take time to digest your responses before you read on.

Maybe, at one time or another, you just felt like giving up and you would just have to learn to…“Live with IT”. We want you to know that the the successful treatment many have received from Dr. Walter K. Crooks at Life-Changing Care Program may also be the answer to your chronic health condition.

What if there was a chance for successful treatment of your health, even if you have been told that you couldn’t recover or you have a permanent, unchanging condition that could only get worse but never better?

What if it were possible to be 30%, 50%, 80% better? Would that be worth it? What about being at 100%? What would you not do to be able to achieve this?

The simple answer is you must get to the core issues, rooting out the problem and restoring health.

I made a vow to have a maximum positive impact on every person with which I come into contact with, especially those that have become frustrated due to these types of chronic health conditions.

Do not despair, for there is a NEW HOPE here in the Houston, Texas area for your successful treatment.

Look, my reputation is at stake, I have patients from all over the world that travel to my clinic for treatment.

Get Better Faster, Stay Well Longer!

It’s time to break the chains of poor health and take back your life.


We Get Results Were Others Fail With Chronic Health Conditions!