Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Breakthrough In Houston

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Breakthrough

Do you suffer from symptoms such as- numbness, tingling, burning, pins-and-needles, overly sensitive to heat or cold and even touch? Do you have weakness of grip or feel as if your legs are going to give out? Are you paralyzed?

Is  Peripheral Neuropathy the monster that you have been struggling with for so long and has stolen a part of your life and you feel as if you are never going to be the same?

Have you been told, for the most part, that you are going to have to learn to live with this unrelentingly cruel pain for the rest of your life.

Are the only options that have been given to you involve taking medicines that are made for seizure disorders or being told that nerve blocks are all you have left to do?

If so, read on…..

If I told you that where your pain is may not be where your  problem is, what would you think of that?

Read that again….peripheral neuropathy treatment

Where you feel the pain does not necessarily mean that it is where the cause of the pain is located.

You see, the Peripheral Nerve System (PNS) is just that, on the periphery of our nervous system.  Our Central Nervous System(CNS) is the place where the Peripheral Nervous System sends information to and where it receives it’s messages from.

So, you may feel peripheral neuropathy pain in your hand or foot but the real problem may be in the CNS, more specifically, in your brain’s Parietal Lobe.  You see, the Parietal Lobe of your brain is where processing of these nerves is centered.

If, for some reason, your Parietal Lobes frequency of firing becomes aberrant you can have the perception of pain in the leg when in fact there is not one thing wrong with your leg.

If Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment is to be successful the cause must be uncovered.

Finding what is really going on with your peripheral neuropathy takes some detective work.

This is a complex problem that needs a complex peripheral neuropathy treatment solution, there needs to be not only testing of the nerves at the site of pain but a search for the Longitudinal Level of the Lesion, that is to say, the true level where the problem originates. This needs to be found so the appropriate treatment can be afforded you.

I am sure you know that a pill is not the answer for your peripheral neuropathy treatment, nerve blocks and Epidural Steroid Injections only work a short time, if at all.

You deserve to be whole again, you deserve to be able to live your life, enjoy your family and friends and not feel as if you are a burden on them because of Peripheral Neuropathy.

If you are tired of just popping pills or going to your Doctor just to be told that there is not much peripheral neuropathy treatment they can offer, but they’ll see you back in 3 months for more drugs (that, for peripheral neuropathy treatment, do next to nothing) .

If you are ready to take your health into your own hands and not rely on the “wisdom” of those that have not done much more than cover up your symptoms at best and in reality have just made you more reliant on those drugs instead of any type of peripheral neuropathy treatment attempt, if you are fed up, give us a call Click HERE to Call Our Office: 281-812-8101.

Look, you may not be a candidate for what we have to offer, and if not then you are no worse off than before you came in, but if our peripheral neuropathy treatment program that we offer happens to be exactly what you need then how great a return do you get on the investment of a small block of your time?

You may give up some time but gain your LIFE back!  Wow! Now that is exciting and well worth the effort and time. See what these peripheral neuropathy treatment patients say about Dr. Walter K. Crooks’ exciting peripheral neuropathy treatment.

So get your head out of the sand and look at what your life is like with this pain.  Tell yourself that today is the day that you are going to take back control of your life.

Peripheral Neuropathy does not have to be the ruler of your life any longer.