Neuropathy with Completely Paralyzed Foot, Ankle and Toes Cured!

A broken back caused neuropathy and paralysis of her ankle, foot and toes for over 2 years.

Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonial of Suzie.

Suzie had fallen and broken her back over 2 years before ever coming to my office.

She was instantly paralyzed in her left leg and foot.

2 Years of Suffering Because of  Neuropathy Causing Foot Drop!

Her surgeon, even before her surgery and then again after the surgery told her she would never walk again without assistance, that she would never get her ankle reflex back or be able to move her foot or toes on that foot, that she would always have neuropathy of her leg and foot.

Watch as Suzie regains her ability to move her ankle, foot and toes and overcomes her peripheral neuropathy paralysis.

Listen to what she says about being able to walk once again without the use of a walker. How she no longer has neuropathy. Experience the joy she must feel as she becomes independent and mobile once again! Free of Peripheral Neuropathy!

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