Fibromyalgia Caused Agony Since 1995, Miraculous Impovement During First Visit!

 Fibromyalgia Testimonial



Having suffered with the severe pain of  Fibromyalgia since 1995, Mrs. M drove 2 1/2 hours just to be examined by Dr. Walter K. Crooks.
After the exam Dr. Walter K. Crooks of Houston Texas, decided to show her he could help with her health.

Fibromyalgia Doctor

This video was shot after he had treated her for about 10 minutes.
She was overcome with joy having finally gotten relief from fibromyalgia, through actions not words, that she would not have to “just live with”  the torture of fibromyalgia like all of her other “specialists” have told her repeatedly.Dr. Walter K. Crooks walked the walk and showed her in those few minutes real and lasting results and that recovery was possible.

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