Dyslexia & Learning Disabilities


Have you or your child been diagnosed with Dyslexia?

Has that label of  “Learning Disabled” made you feel less than your peers or have you noticed your child become withdrawn from those things they can not grasp or even understand?

Dyslexia is so much more than reading and writing upside down, it is more than  letters and numbers looking like jigsaw puzzle pieces thrown across the  table.

It is a problem with integrating sensory information, it is a processing problem that, for the most part in these cases, resides in the left hemisphere of our brains.

Yes, I know that they make special reading glasses or little reading windows  that may help, but those things do nothing for the integration problem that is the root of this dysfunction.

That is what is wrong with the “treatment” (if there is any at all) given to these little ones.  Who, in the end, suffer the stigma of the “Slow Learner” label.

Dyslexia = Learning Disabled?

There is something that can be done. Yes you read that correctly, there is something that can be done.  It involves stimulating those parts of the brain that are not functioning optimally.

We have a wide range of, non-invasive, non-drug ways of doing just that, increasing stimulation to specific parts of the brain so as to increase activity in those areas, in effect, firing up that slow area and rewiring the Grey Matter through plastic changes in the connections between nerves and making the brain more efficient and better able to carry out those activities that may be lacking.

Dyslexia is a condition that responds very well with brain based therapy along with metabolic intervention.

Our Neuro-Metabolic treatment approach to Dyslexia gives hope back to those that were hopeless.

So, if you want to find out if we can help finally give you real and lasting results, call our office at 281-812-8101.  Call and tell my office that you are ready to finally get to the root cause of your or your childs dyslexia problem so that they may shine even brighter than you could have imagined!