“I had to retire early because of dizziness!”

Life time of High Blood Pressure, Dizziness and Back Pain Gone after 3 months of care!

Initial visit Rebecca B.  had Hypertension reading of Left side 142/90 and Right side 166/95 she was on blood pressure lowering medicine for the past 30 years or more and this was what her blood pressure was!

 Low back pain 6/10, bilateral sciatica 5/10 Neck Pain 7/10, pain that went down her left arm from her neck 7/10, Upper Back Pain 6/10, Chest Pain 5/10, Headaches 4/10.  She was dizzy and was having trouble sleeping.

After about 6 weeks of care Blood Pressure Left side: 125/69 and Right side: 133/78!  She STOPPED taking her blood pressure medicine on her own after 3 weeks of care when she started seeing the drop in her blood pressure from our treatment!

She has no more dizziness and no more pain….AT ALL!