Dizziness and Vertigo Testimonials

Dizziness and Vertigo Testimonials About Successful Treatment

Below are just a few of the people Dr. Walter K. Crooks has helped recover their lives from dizziness, vertigo and balance problems.

White Matter Disease of the Brain Caused Severe Dizziness.

Her “specialists” told her she would never get better!

Irene has been diagnosed with Chronic White Matter Ischemia of her Frontal and Parietal Lobes of the brain. She also has atrophy (decreased volume) of her Frontal and Parietal Lobes caused by this ischemia.  She was almost constantly dizzy, had headaches and when she would close her eyes if standing would begin to fall immediately.

Dizziness And Vertigo Testimonials: Treatment Success With Functional Neurology!

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“I had to retire early because of dizziness!”

Rebecca stated that if she would have know about Dr. Walter K. Crooks’ successful dizziness and vertigo treatments and Functional Neurology she would still be working today in the medical profession she loved.

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Dizziness Made It Impossible For Her To Take Care Of Her Family

This is a heart touching tale of a mother with a mentally challenged boy that depends on her for everything and yet because Debbie had severe problems with: Hyperacusis, Migraines/Chronic Headaches, Dizziness she could not care for him like she once did causing her to feel as if she were a failure. By God’s grace she was referred to Dr. Walter K. Crooks where she was treated for approximately 8 weeks with amazing results. She no longer has any of those problems and is back to the better than ever Debbie B.!

Dizziness and Vertigo Testimonials Continued

Vertigo and Migraines Eliminated!

Jessica has an autoimmune condition called Parry-Romberg Syndrome that often is accompanied by significant neurological symptoms. She had significant migraines and dizziness that have been alleviated by the treatment received at Dr. Walter K. Crooks’ clinic.

“Neck-Back-Headaches-Dizziness stopped me from working”

Richard was unable to work due to being put on disability by his medical doctors for his chronic dizziness, pain and severe headaches.  He hated not being able to work and wanted his life back. A friend had suggested that he go see Dr. Walter K. Crooks, a Chiropractic Clinical Neurologist. After only 2 months, Richard is no longer on disability and is back working full time!

Dizziness made her work unbearable!

Pat’s dizziness had gotten so bad that she could not go to work, do any of her hobbies or just enjoy her day. After being treated by Dr. Walter K. Crooks her dizziness is completely gone and she is back to work and living her life to the fullest.

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