Chiropractic Neurology On NightLine Video

Chiropractic Neurology on NightLine.

This is a segment that aired August 17, 2012 that featured Dr. Ted Carrick, who has perfected Chiropractic Neurology over the past 33 years.

I studied directly under Dr. Carrick for over 3 years, learning his methods relating to chiropractic neurology / functional neurology and gaining the knowledge that allows me to do the exciting work for humanity that I now do.

Here are excerpts from the interview and show by reporters JUJU CHANG and SARAH HODD:

Aug. 17, 2012

“Will, however, believes Ted Carrick, a chiropractor who specializes in the brain, holds the key to a miraculous cure for his condition.

Carrick, who has 28 clinics worldwide and sees patients all over the world, practices a therapy he calls chiropractic neurology, a treatment he has been perfecting for 33 years. He rarely grants interviews, but allowed “NightLine” to be the first American television network to watch the treatment unfold at his clinic at Life University in Marietta, Ga.

His treatment involves re-activating pathways in the brain, what scientific circles refer to as neuro-plasticity, by simulating other parts of the body. He is considered the main architect of chiropractic neurology because he pioneered several of the methods used, in part by combining treatments that already exist, as well as developing new treatments.

“We’re in the service of humankind, above self,” he said.

Chiropractic Neurology Gets Sidney Crosby Back On The Ice!

When hockey superstar Sidney Crosby suffered serious concussions, he praised Carrick for saving his career. But the doctor wouldn’t go so far as to say his treatment is a “miracle cure.”

“I think miracles are things that happen once in a while,” he said. “What we find is that the miracles that we see, we’re seeing them frequently, every day so they’re not really miracles. What we do is amazing because of what humankind can do.”

“What we do is that we do things other people do. We don’t do anything that is really original in our work. We just combine things that other people have done in a different fashion.”

“I look very, very carefully and what’s happening with her eyes, with her heads, the degree that her pupils are open or closed, and then her ability to track,” Carrick said. “We find that if we do a certain motion, and we get a different tracking, this is going to have a good probability of working.”

Chiropractic Neurology Succeeds Where All Others Fail!

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