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Before I Talk About The Advances Made In Treatment For Chronic Health Conditions:

Let’s Begin By Defining A Few Words:

  • Neuro-Metabolic: Anything that has or causes a Metabolic affect on the Nervous system.
  • Metabolic: Refers to the chemical processes of an organ or organism. Also, of or relating to Metabolism.
  • Metabolism: The sum total of the chemical processes that occur in living organisms, resulting in growth, production of energy, elimination of waste material, etc.
  • Metabolism also includes processes for cell growth, reproduction, response to environment, survival mechanisms, sustenance, and maintenance of cell structure and integrity.

Metabolism is divided into two sub-categories:

  • Catabolism- the breaking down of substances for energy.
  • Anabolism- the rebuilding/regrowth state of the body.

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Health treatment provider Dr. Walter K. Crooks, DC, D.PSc., has revolutionized today’s healthcare with his Neuro-Metabolic approach to chronic inflammatory diseases.

For those that suffer with chronic inflammatory diseases such as Autoimmune conditions,Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroid Disease, Hashimoto’s, Graves, Lupus, Dizziness, Vertigo, Drop Foot, Migraine Headaches, Hypertension, Sjogren’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc. that have been given little to no hope that they will be able to recover the health and vigor they once had there now is a NEW HOPE!

It’s well known that most all clinics that offer health treatment programs that deal with these types of health conditions are so loaded down by the bureaucracy and red tape associated with insurance plans that patients have been given the proverbial “Run Around” when it comes to getting appropriate care for their chronic inflammatory health condition.

It makes one wonder how patients continue have any hope they will find the right health treatment that will offer them real & lasting results…

Now Dr. Walter K. Crooks’ cutting edge, Patient Centered Health approach is a results oriented alternative to the broken system found in the allopathic medical model.

His approach to improving health incorporates his extensive breadth and depth of knowledge for every system within the body including the interdependence that those systems have upon one another so that you, as a whole, are able to live and function optimally while living the life you deserve, that is a life FREE from the dysfunction, disability and depression that chronic inflammatory diseases cause.

Utilizing his knowledge of Functional Neurology, Functional Endocrinology, Functional Immunology and Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Dr. Crooks has done what many have said could never be done: EFFECTIVELY treat chronic inflammatory health conditions naturally, without drugs or surgery, and achieve REAL & LASTING RESULTS!

A homegrown Houston Doctor that feels a deep connection to each and every one of his patients, Dr. Crooks believes it a great honor that so many people have trusted him with their health and ultimately their lives. Knowing that these patients have been through so much disappointment in their journey to recover their lost health is some of the fuel that drives Dr. Crooks’ desire that he get to the root of their health problems. These are people who have been stricken with some of the most difficult to treat health conditions of the modern age, conditions that cause confusion for so many in the medical community. However, because of Dr. Walter K. Crooks’ never say quit attitude coupled with his desire for helping others achieve optimum health and happiness has led many of his patients to say that he is a welcome Light Of HOPE for those that have been all but forgotten and pushed aside by the established medical community during this, their time of greatest need.

Some of the health conditions Dr. Crooks has had success with:

Because Dr. Crooks treats the person and not their diagnosis, he is able help those that have been told there is no hope for recovery.

Unfortunately, there are many times physician, maybe because of the restraints the insurance companies place on their practice, doesn’t commit fully in the treatment of these inflammatory and chronic diseases, making them seem unimportant to the point that the doctor will brush aside,over-look and completely ignore a patients questions and concerns.

Many of these so called “specialists” are not up to date on the newest available research regarding these types of diseases. Instead they are utilizing science and research that is 50 to 100 years old! The treatment programs provided for chronic disease patients in the Houston area are many times woefully lacking in their ability to get the patient well, instead the patient becomes a lifetime patient of that doctor all because of a less than stellar treatment that is based on science dating back to the 1950’s and earlier!

A majority of the available treatment approaches have not been upgraded or improved since long ago and this is why most of you reading this continue to get the same treatment day after day, no matter if it is successful or not. This leaves many patients to suffer needlessly with chronic inflammatory diseases!

Isn’t it time to find a doctor who has moved past the days of old? Shouldn’t the doctor you trust with your health be able to produce REAL & LASTING treatment results?

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